The Atlantic Forest Biodiversity Center is a place that unites the study of native species of the Atlantic Forest; its production and commercialization, through a plant nursery; and the implementation of Ecological Restoration projects.

The nursery at the Atlantic Forest Biodiversity Center at Legado das Águas is constantly studying how to produce native species for commercialization, focusing on sustainable landscaping and ecological restoration projects. It has two production yards: the nursery at the base of the Reserve, aimed at initial production (seed sorting, germination and production of tubes), and a second, called Porto Raso, aimed at the production of vases for landscaping.

Foto: Laila Rebeca

With a production capacity of 200,000 plants per year, of up to 140 different species, it produces epiphytic, grass, shrub and tree plants, in these groups, some endangered species. The plants have digital traceability, guaranteeing the safety of the entire production chain, from the matrix in the forest, to the delivery of the product to the customer.

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The Biodiversity Center operates in Ecological Restoration projects, offering consultancy services for the preparation of technical forest restoration projects, area diagnoses and budgets.

We have a team prepared to operate, delivering restored areas with the necessary ecological interactions to make them resilient after the completion of interventions. Our technical team also monitors areas undergoing forest restoration, following the evolution of plantations, promoting compliance with environmental legislation, as necessary.

To learn more and request a quote, contact Reservas Votorantim via email comercial@reservasvotorantim.com.

The nursery team is constantly looking for new flora species with landscape potential in the territory of Legado das Águas in order to bring the exuberance of native species to society in a sustainable way. Therefore, it can suggest species and compositions that add different groups of plants, all native to the Atlantic Forest, in order to deliver innovative projects. Check out some of the species and talk to our team!

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The plants produced by the Biodiversity Center Nursery can be purchased during a visit to Legado das Águas or through Pátio Caeté, the official distribution center of the Reserve in the municipality of São Paulo.

For large quantities and specific demands, talk to our team and request a quote: viveiro.la@legadodasaguas.com.br.

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