Pátio Caeté, located in the capital of São Paulo, sells plants and supplies for a cutting edge landscape focused on Brazilian biodiversity!

It also functions as a plant distribution center for Legado das Águas, the largest private Atlantic Forest reserve in the country, in São Paulo. It is the beauty of Brazilian biomes now in the largest metropolis in the country!

The space is an initiative linked to Reservas Votorantim, operated in partnership with De Lucca, with the objective of meeting the demand for native and often rare species, which guarantee environmental and economic benefits to landscape projects.

Avenida José César de Oliveira, 464 (back)
Vila Leopoldina – São Paulo – SP
Opening hours:

from 8:30 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday

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1. Will Pátio Caeté sell only Legacy plants?

Pátio Caeté sells plants from several suppliers, including Legado das Águas, the largest private reserve of Atlantic Forest in the country. All plants sold will be copies acquired through the curatorship of De Lucca, many of them rare, coming from nurseries and producers from all over Brazil.

2. Are they only native plants?

Most of the plants will be native, with species from the main Brazilian biomes.

3. What will be the main species to be commercialized?

With a focus on species from our Atlantic Forest, an original biome in the city of São Paulo, Pátio Caeté will also bring to the consumer beauties from other biomes in the country, showing what Brazil has most beautiful in its forests for those who live in the city. Access the list here!

4. Can anyone buy, including individuals?

Biodiversity is for everyone! We serve individuals and legal entities.

5. What are the opening hours and address?

Pátio Caeté is located at Av. José César de Oliveira, 464 (funds), in Vila Leopoldina, in São Paulo. It is open from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. It has assistance through the email patiocaete@legadodasaguas.com.br and Whatsapp (11) 91014-1007.

6. How do I contact for a quote?

Budgets are obtained by e-mail patiocaete@legadodasaguas.com.br and Whatsapp (11) 91014-1007.

7. Who is the technical responsible for the area?

De Lucca is the partner company of Reservas Votorantim in this undertaking, being responsible technician and operator of the space.

8. I want to sell my plants at Pátio Caeté. I can?

To be a business partner of Pátio Caeté, contact us by email patiocaete@legadodasaguas.com.br.





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