From 2020, Legado das Águas has been in a partnership with Onçafari Association to monitor and preserve felines in the Atlantic forest, especially for studies on puma and ocelot populations.

During this time, expressive results have been achieved. Check them out:

-As a result of 17 Fauna Monitoring Campaigns, 35.177 videos of different species were recorded.

-From this total, 26.282 are of mammals – being 1.183 videos of pumas and 1.237 of ocelots – 8.175 of birds, 263 of reptiles and 5 of amphibians.

-During this time 5 pumas individuals were identified – Tikún, Pacato, Dengoso, Naurú and Capitu -, four males and one female, which makes it possible to monitor their habits.

– 24 ocelots were also identified – 8 males, 14 females and 2 offspring, thanks to the pattern of rosettes in the coat that is unique for each individual. Among them, we highlight Don Juan, Ligeira and Tapioca that appear frequently in the monitoring cameras.

*Data from August 2020 to July 2023

Responsible ecotourism is one of the cornerstones of Legado das Águas and Onçafari, since the encounters with animals create an opportunity for visitors to learn more about the species, get to know their importance in nature and start to look after their protection.

As a result for this premise and partnership, since 2022, two ecotourism activities are being operated by team Onçafari: Onça Tikún Trail and Safari Adventure. It is also possible to purchase the package that includes both: the Onçafari Expedition.

Additionally, other Environmental Education actions are being carried out in conjunction.

For more information about the activities and reservations, get in touch through the email:

The Onçafari Association was created in 2011 to promote environmental conservation and contribute with the socioeconomic development of the areas we work from through ecotourism, environmental education, working with local communities and scientific research.

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