Legado das Águas offers several itineraries for environmental education activities, providing participants with direct contact with nature, in addition to learning through practical activities that contribute to understanding and raising awareness about the importance of the conservation of forests, fauna and flora, water resources, as well as the role of each in this process.

The Reserve has a team of professionals trained to offer a true experience in the Atlantic Forest, in addition to having a hostel, auditorium and restaurant structure to receive families, schools and institutions that want to promote unique experiences in the middle of the forest.

The activities below can be developed in the proposed itineraries, and it is also possible to customize them to better serve you:


• For schools or institutions, Legado das Águas receives groups with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 people for environmental education activities (according to the Covid-19 protocol);

• Groups are divided into teams for better use and development of activities.

• In a visit day it is possible to carry out up to 4 activities, with optional food services such as breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack;

• We offer dinner and overnight, if the visit lasts more than one day;

• It is not possible to access the Legado with a road bus, only a van, minibus and passenger vehicles.


Contact us by email contato@legadodasaguas.com.br or by Whatsapp (11) 9 7278-3855

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