1. How does Legado das Águas work?

The Legado is open from Tuesday to Sunday.

Entrance is allowed from 07:00 to 13:00, with advance ticket purchase in our online store. For day-use visitors (without overnight accommodation), the stay is until 5 pm, after that time, only visitors with reserved accommodation will be able to access the Legacy.

2. What are the ways to get to the Legado?

You can arrive at Legado by car or by chartered transport. It is not necessary to have a 4×4 car, but we recommend a high car to make the journey easier. It is not possible to reach Legacy by public transport.

Clicking here will give you more information.

3. Can I buy plants from Legado das Águas? How to proceed?

Yes, you can buy your plant directly at the Legado base or at Pátio Caeté, our distribution center for native plants, located in São Paulo. Clicking here, you can check the list of species we sell.

4. Can children participate in activities?

Children of all ages are welcome at Legado das Águas for self-guided activities. For specific activities, we work with some age groups:

  • Legacy experience, Astro experience, Tamanduazinho Waterfall and Mirim Expedition and Night Immersion: free for all ages;
  • Mirante do Sinal, Copaíba-Prainha and Cachoeira trails December: from 7 years old;
  • Bathing in the Juquiá River, Canoeing and Canoeing at night: from 3 years old (as long as the guardian takes a vest for the child(ren). Legado offers vests for children from 20 kg);
  • Rafting: minimum height of 1.10 or 6 years old to participate in the activity without going through the rapids or minimum height of 1.40 or 10 years to complete the course;
  • Bike on the road or on Singletrack Tamanduazinho: from 12 years old, considering the level of experience in the segment.
5. I want to ride in Legado das Águas. Is it possible?

Yes, alone or in a group. The pedal on the Legado can take place on the road that connects the entrances to the Reserve. To cycle here, just buy the visitation ticket by clicking here.

To learn more about the recommended routes and levels of difficulty. Download the document with more information.

We also have the Singletrack Tamanduazinho, which is an activity that takes place by appointment. Accessing here, you can see the details of the activity.

6. I will be with someone / I have reduced mobility. Is it possible to carry out the activities?

With the visitation ticket it is possible to visit our plant nursery, do bird watching and other activities that do not require physical effort. As for the trails, the shortest is the Figueira Brava Trail, which is 300m long and has universal access. The Cambuci trail is 2.1 km long and is 83% suspended, so you don’t have to go all the way to have a great experience. The boat ride is also an option, as it does not require physical effort and can accommodate a wheelchair user. For more specific information, we recommend that you consult our support.

7. How does bird watching work?

To do birdwatching, you need to buy the visitation ticket. With it, you can watch the birds on the self-guided trails and the road that connects the Legado entrances.

Bird watching is not necessarily a guided tour, but if you want a more targeted activity, there is the option of hiring a separate guide. We have partners specialized in the segment or local guides who know the area very well and some key points for observation, but these are not specialized.

8. How can I purchase tickets? And what are the payment methods?

You can buy tickets for visiting or for any of the activities through our store or directly at the Legacy base, subject to availability.

On the website we have options to purchase by debit, credit or debit card. On the Legacy base we accept payments in cash, card (debit and credit) and pix, for consumptions above R$300 reais we divide up to 3 interest-free installments on the card.

We have special conditions for groups.

9. I can't buy tickets on the online store. What can I do?

To have greater control of the flow of people who will do our activities, 24 hours in advance we withdraw the tickets from the online store. However, it is still possible to buy them directly at the base if there are spaces available. If you arrive at the base and the activity you would like to do is unavailable, you can buy tickets for another activity or even a visitation ticket to enjoy our self-guided activities.

10. Is there a special program for schools?

Yes. Legado das Águas believes in the importance of Environmental Education for the education of children and adolescents and therefore offers special programs for educational institutions. Click here, you check the conditions.

11. Who is entitled to discounted tickets?

In addition to students, the elderly, low-income young people, people with disabilities and teachers from the public school system, schools, tourism agencies, researchers and employees of the Votorantim Group have discounts for purchasing tickets.

Click here, and check out our complete discount policy.

12. Is it possible to cross between the Legado ordinances?

We allow crossings between our gates intended for public use. Such crossings are allowed for Bikers and hikers, provided that prior notice is given and the visitation fee is paid.

We also allow our visitors to access the reservation with their vehicles, however, we charge an entrance fee per car occupant.

13. Can I take my pet?

Because it is a natural area and for the safety of the native fauna and its pet, we do not allow entry to the Legado das Águas.

14. Can I stay at Legado?

Yes. We have single, double and triple rooms and Casa Cambuci, in addition to ample space for camping, with the option of renting a tent. It is possible to stay at the Legado regardless of whether or not you carry out any of our activities. We will be delighted to welcome you as our guest.

For more details and conditions, click here.

15. Is it possible to rent Legado das Águas?

Yes. The space is available for events, retreats, recordings and other actions. Accessing here, you can check out more details about the Legado rental.

16. I would like to do an internship at Legado. It's possible?

Yes, Legado has a vacation internship program. Keep an eye on our website and social networks because any news about the opening of registrations, we will disclose on these channels.

17. Is it allowed to do volunteer work at Legado?

As we are a private company, unfortunately we cannot accept volunteer work.

18. I want to work at Legacy. What do I need to do?

Send your resume to the email: contato@legadodasaguas.com.br. As soon as there is a vacancy with your profile, we will contact you.

If your question has not been resolved, contact one of our service channels.

+55 (11) 97278-3855


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