The Legado is open from Sunday to Sunday.

For Day Use visitors, admission is allowed from 7 am to 1 pm, upon purchase of ticket directly with our staff. Purchase subject to availability.

For day-use visitors (without reservation of accommodation), the stay is until 17h, after that time, only visitors with reserved accommodation can remain in the Legado.

You can reach the Legado by car or charter transport. It is not necessary to have 4 4 car, but we recommend a tall car to facilitate the journey. There are no public transportation options to reach the Legacy.

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Important: Fill your car before accessing the path to the Legado, as there are no refueling points near the Reserve.

Yes, you can buy your plant directly from our Biodiversity Center. Here, you can check the list of species that we sell with a focus on landscaping and here, those that can be used in Ecological Restoration projects.

Children of all ages are welcome at the Legado das Águas for self-guided activities. For specific activities, we work with some age groups:

  • Legado Experience, Astro Experience, Tamanduazinho Waterfall and Night Immersion: free for all ages;
  • Trails Mirante do Sinal, Copaíba-Prainha and Cachoeira Dezembro: from 7 years;
  • Aquatic Immersion, Canoeing and Canoeing at night: from 3 years (provided that the responsible person carries a vest for (s) child (s). Legado offers vests for children from 20 kg);
  • Copaíba-Cambuci Trail: from 10 years;
  • Rafting: minimum height of 1.10 or 6 years of age to participate in the activity without going through the rapids or minimum height of 1.40 or 10 years to make the entire route;
  • Bike on the road or in Singletrack Tamanduazinho: from 12 years considering level of experience in the segment;
  • Crossing Legado – P.E. Jurupará: from 15 years.

Yes, alone or in a group. The pedal in the Legado can happen on the road that connects the gates of the Reserve. To cycle on the roads of the Legado, just buy the visitation ticket, clicking here.

To learn more about the recommended routes and difficulty levels, download here the document with more information.

We also have Singletrack Tamanduazinho, which is an activity that happens under schedule, as well as Crossing Legado – P.E. Jurupará.

With the visitation ticket it is possible to visit our Atlantic Forest Biodiversity Center, do bird watching and other activities that do not require physical effort. For the trails, the shortest is the Figueira Trail, with 300m long and has universal access, in addition to giving access to the Sensory Garden. The Cambuci trail is 2.1 km long and is 83% suspended, not being necessary to do the whole route to have a great experience. The boat ride is also an option, as it does not require physical effort and includes a person with reduced mobility.

For more specific information, contact our team.

To do bird watching, you need to buy the visitation ticket. With it, you can observe the birds on the self-guided trails and on the road that connects the gates of the Legado.

Birdwatching is not an obligatory guided tour, but if you want a more targeted activity with an expert guide, there is the option of hiring a separate professional. We have specialized partners in the segment or local guides who know the area very well and some key points for observation.

You can buy tickets for visitation, accommodation or for any of the activities directly with our team, via WhatsApp, or on the basis of Legado, subject to availability.

For purchases by WhatsApp, payment is via Pix. On the basis of Legado we accept payments in cash, card (debit and credit) and Pix, for consumptions over R $ 300 reais installments without interest on the card.

We have special conditions for groups.

Yes. Legado das Águas believes in the importance of Environmental Education for the training of children and adolescents and therefore offers special programs and options for educational institutions.

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In addition to students, the elderly, low-income youth, people with disabilities and teachers of the public school system, schools, tourism agencies, researchers and employees of the Votorantim Group have discounts for the purchase of tickets and other activities in the Legado.

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We allow crossings between our ordinances for public use. Such crossings are allowed for bikers and hikers, provided that with notice and payment of the visitation fee.

We allow our visitors to also access the reservation with their vehicles, however, we charge admission fee per occupant of the car.

The Legado das Águas does not allow the entry of domestic animals (pets). The Reserve is a natural area, of environmental conservation, shelter of numerous species of native fauna and flora, endemic and threatened and therefore protected by law. In addition, we are an Outpost of the Atlantic Forest Biosphere Reserve.

Contact between domestic and wild animals leads to the risk of disease transmission between species (zoonoses – such as rabies), as well as interactions that can be harmful and even lethal to both your pet and native fauna.

If you have any questions, please contact our team.

Yes. We have single, double and triple rooms, Casa Cambuci and Casa Juçara, in addition to ample space for camping, with option of tent rental. You can stay at the Legado regardless of whether or not you perform any of our activities. We will be happy to welcome you as our guest.

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Yes. The space is available for events, retreats, recordings and other actions. Accessing here, you can check more details about the Legado location.

We are a private company, unfortunately we cannot receive volunteer work.

Access here and check all vacancies open at the moment.

If you do not find a vacancy with your profile, register your resume in our talent pool and we will contact you as soon as the right vacancy appears!

Good luck!

If your question has not been resolved, contact one of our service channels.

+55 (11) 97278-3855

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