From São Paulo: access to the Legado das Águas is via the Regis Bittencourt Highway, BR 116. The reference point is the Graal Japonês Restaurant (use this name in Waze), which is located at km 348 of the highway, in the direction of Curitiba. There is no sign at the front of the restaurant, but there are signs for “service station” on the highway at 1 km and 500 m intervals before access. Then about 300 meters after the service station, on the right-hand side, there is an entrance to the dirt road that leads to the reserve. The road is in good condition and it is 26 km from the entrance to the reserve base.
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From Sorocaba: access to the Legado das Águas is via State Highway SP 79. The reference point is the city of Tapiraí (SP), which is about 1 hour by car from Sorocaba. The highway from Sorocaba to Tapiraí is paved. The entrance to the dirt road that leads to the Legado das Águas is located in front of a company called “Supply”, also on highway SP 79. The distance to the base of the reserve is 35 km. The Pousada Salve Floresta Guesthouse can also be used as a reference point for GPS systems ( This guesthouse is located on the dirt road that gives access to the Legado das Águas. After passing the guesthouse, continue on the main road, following the signs to “Base da Reserva” (Reserve Base).
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In both cases, we advise you to fill up your tank with fuel before entering the dirt roads leading to the Legado das Águas. There are no service stations inside the reserve and the nearest one is about an hour’s drive away from the reserve base. While there is no need for a 4×4 vehicle, we recommend using a model which has a higher ground clearance, such as; Duster, Tucson, Ecosport, etc.

The Legado das Águas does not offer a transfer service from the Graal Japonês Restaurant or from the city of Tapiraí.

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