The 31 thousand hectares of the Legado das Águas, despite being an extremely large area, are not immune to what happens in the surrounding areas. The reserve is located in the Ribeira Valley, where there are cities with some of the lowest values for the Human Development Index (HDI) in the State of São Paulo. Consequently, one of the missions of the Legado das Águas is to act as a catalyst for social and economic development initiatives in order to support improvements to the region and population of the surrounding municipalities of Juquiá, Miracatu and Tapiraí. With this in mind, the reserve has carried out a number of actions to encourage and support public management, local culture, inclusive education, entrepreneurship and tourism, through projects that follow the social guidelines and methodologies developed by the Votorantim Institute.

For the Legado das Águas, it is not enough to concern itself only with what happens within its boundaries. On the contrary, it is outward looking and seeks to provide support, knowledge and tools for nearby municipalities to grow and develop as well.


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