We are not an ordinary nursery

The Biodiversity Center not only produces plants. The work proposal involves the study of native species to ensure that they adapt to different locations. In this work, species with ornamental, economic and conservationist potential are identified, combining the protection of biodiversity with urban landscaping and ecological restoration, choosing the species for each project so that the ecosystem services provided by the plants, such as attracting birds, urban pest control, thermal comfort, soil drainage, among other benefits, are prioritized. In addition, it is possible to improve and enhance production methods with each new discovery.

The expeditions in the Legado das Águas forest, where the matrices are identified, are essential for the search for the species of interest and, combined with scientific research, indicate which species are most in need of conservation (rare or endangered), teaching how to produce them. them optimally.

It should also be highlighted the technological differential through traceability. All plants produced in the Biodiversity Center’s nursery receive a QR Code and, with a cell phone in hand, it is possible to know all stages of the production chain, including its origin in the forest, which guarantees the quality standard. In addition, this process ensures responsible production, proving that seed collection is legal, as required by law.

Below, understand a little more about the traceability process.

We are not an ordinary nursery!

The Green Code Project is a partnership between Legado das Águas, GS1 Brazil, 3M, Paripassu and Zebra, and meets SDG 2, 15 and 17

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