In the 1950s, under the direction of José Ermírio de Moraes, Votorantim entered the energy sector, in the region of the Juquiá River water complex. With the founding and growth of Companhia Brasileira de Alumínio (CBA), the need to obtain energy led the Group to start building and maintaining its own hydroelectric plants in this complex. In addition to building the plants, Votorantim bought the land around the reservoirs, thus guaranteeing their water availability. A vanguard attitude in the history of Brazilian industry.

In 1957, the second plant, the Fumaça, was already built. Since then, the Votorantim Group has not stopped investing in the sector: the construction of two more plants, Alecrim and Serraria, started, which were inaugurated in 1974 and 1978, respectively.

During the 1980s, two more were completed, also associated with aluminum production: Porto Raso and Barra. Investment in energy would gradually become a differential for Votorantim. Of the seven plants in the region, four are within the Legado das Águas area.

  • França (opened in 1957)
  • Fumaça (opened in 1964)
  • Alecrim (opened in 1974)
  • Serraria (opened in 1978)
  • Porto Raso (opened in 1982)
  • Barra (opened in 1986

Fumaça HPP

The Fumaça hydroelectric plant is located in the municipality of Ibiúna, 110 km from the city of São Paulo. Its construction started in 1957 and the conclusion was made in 1964. It is the second hydroelectric plant built by CBA and uses the waters of the Juquiá River to generate energy.

Its average annual generation capacity is 220 GWh and its dam is 154 m long and 53.5 meters high, from the lowest point of the foundation. It has a gross fall of 126 m.

HPP and Vila da Barra

The village of Usina da Barra residents is currently the base of Legado das Águas. Located in Miracatu, the village, in addition to still housing employees who work at the Plant and Legado das Águas, had its structures adapted to accommodate the administrative headquarters of the reserve, with accommodation, cafeteria, auditorium, warehouse, laundry and a bike point.

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