Come and walk the Cachoeira Dezembro Trail, which is the initial stage of the Dezembro-Canta Galo Crossing. You will see incredible scenery, and can observe the biome’s fauna and flora and swim in natural pools!

Then you can complete your day by taking a walk along the Figueira Trail and through the Jardim Sensorial, where you will see a variety of products extracted from the forest, examine a century-old fig tree, and stimulate your senses through contact with aromatic plants, with different textures and flavors.

And, to further enrich your experience, you can visit our Native Plant Nursery and take seedlings from the Atlantic Forest back home with you!

Slow down, take a deep breath, relax, listen, feel, and be thankful that you can live the experience of this unique contact with nature!

Check out the time-table:



9:30 am: Introduction to the Legado das Águas;

10:00 am: Transfer to the start of the trail *;

10:40 am: Start out on the Cachoeira Dezembro trail, with a round trip of 3 km;

11:40 am: Swim in the natural pools under the Cachoeira Dezembro + snack break;

1:00 pm: Return to the base;

1:40 pm: End of the activity/Lunch at the base

2:40 pm: Free time for self-guided activities

5:00 pm: Legado das Águas closes

* Internal transfer. The 32 km round trip must be done in visitor’s own vehicle.


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