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A trail full of many stories.

The name of this trail is due to the centuries-old and gigantic trees that are present along the route. The many fig, copaíba, jequitibá and Jatobá trees make us feel small in the presence of these majestic ancient trees.

Along the way, there is the opportunity to observe many footprints of different animals, and if it’s your lucky day, you can see a flock of southern muriquis that are very active in this region. The coral birds, such as horto’s araponga, manakins and jaós, are also very present during the adventure, in addition to the symphony of waters that pass around us and even meet us at some points along the trail.

Finally, it is possible to contemplate the magnificent Figueira Anciã, which is close to a waterfall where you can take a forest bath and cool off to continue your journey and return transformed from this immersion in the forest.

08:00 am: Concentration at the Base of the legacy
08:15 am: Departure for the trail (Porto Raso reception)
09:00 am: Start of the trail
11:00 am: Snack break*
11:30 am: Continuation
1:30 pm: Arrival in Figueira (contemplation) and 2nd snack break*
2:00 pm: Swim in the natural pools
2:30 pm: Preparation for return
2:45 pm: Continuation
4:30 pm: Arrival at Porto Raso reception
5:00 pm: Arrival at Legado Base

*Snacks are not included in the price of the activity.
* There will be two food breaks, however, the break time may vary depending on the group.


Duration Degree of Difficulty Extension (meters) Age Maximum Capacity
9h Hard 12.000 +18years-old 12 people

To access Legado das Águas see our “How to get there” page.

Activities may have their itinerary changed or canceled due to weather conditions that may compromise the safety of visitors.

This activity takes place by
appointment for groups of at least six people.

Talk to our team to learn more: (11) 9 7278-3855

• It is requered to have a valid driver’s license to travel through the Reserve. Otherwise, entry will be barred;

• Refuel your vehicle before accessing the Legado road. The nearest gas station is about 1 hour away from the base of operations;

• There is no signal from mobile phone operators in the Reservation area, but internet is available at the Legado base;

• Take personal hygiene products and medicines with you, there are no pharmacies or shops close to the Legado;

• Repellent and sunscreen are essential, even on cloudy days;

• The use of closed shoes in activities is mandatory;

• Wear light and comfortable clothes that can get wet;

• We recommend bringing a change of clothes and extra shoes;

• Activities may have their itinerary changed or canceled due to climatic conditions that compromise the safety of visitors;

• We have a restaurant at the base of the Reservation, meals can be purchased at the time. Learn more here;

• Communicate any dietary restrictions in advance;

• It is possible to stay with us, click here for more information;

• Remember to hydrate yourself. The bottle of water should be your companion on the tours;

• Animals are not allowed to enter.

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