The Sustainable Development Networks (ReDes) organization, in partnership with the Votorantim Institute, launched an initiative in Juquiá and Tapiraí in 2016 that focused on supporting the structuring of inclusive business activities through the articulation of productive chains and investments in projects. One of the initiative’s main aims was to strengthen business associations and their members through strategic planning workshops that enable them to understand the needs of their organizations and how to construct goals and action plans in a collaborative manner. In 2017, the initiative carried out projects with the Ribeira Valley Beekeepers Association (APIVALE) in Juquiá, and the Rural Community Association for Human Promotion and Nature Conservation ARCPHPN) in Tapiraí.

The main actions with APIVALE and ARCPHPN in 2017 were as follows:

  • Preparation, implementation and monitoring of action plans;
  • Support for APIVALE’s community effort to renovate the Casa do Mel headquarters;
  • Support for ARCPHPN’s initiative to promote collaboration in sales of products on the roadsides;
  • Preparation of groups to enable them to attract new sources of funding;
  • Beginning of the process of institutional strengthening.

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