Have you ever imagined starting out on a trail on land and ending up on water? We can offer you the Copaíba-Prainha Trail which will enrich your experience of visiting the pristine Atlantic Forest of the Legado das Águas.

The trail is 11 km long, of which 8 km is on land and 3 km on water, either by kayak, stand-up paddle or by boat! Your choice!

You will walk through amazing forest scenery, including a natural lookout at an altitude of 710 m, from where you can observe the abundant fauna and flora, before taking a swim in the river!

We created the Copaíba-Prainha trail for those who seek to have contact with nature in its many diverse forms and beautiful landscapes and, of course, to have fun… So, are you going to miss out?




9:30 am: Introduction to the Legado das Águas;

10:00 am: Transfer In to the mountain;

10:20 am: Walk on Copaíba-Prainha trail;

11:20 am: Visit to Lookout + photo break

11:50 am: Continuation of walk;

1:00 pm: Snack break;

4:30 pm: Arrival at the beach for a swim in the Juquiá River (at this time, participants will have the option of returning by kayak, stand-up paddle or boat);

6:00 pm: End of activity

* You must bring your own food and drink for the period of the activity.


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