From the beginning, we looked at the sky and asked ourselves: How did the universe come about? What is the origin of life? Will humanity exist forever? Is there life in other planets? Where are we in the universe?

To answer these and other questions, we brought, in partnership with the Science Research and Teaching Group, another incredible experience in the Atlantic Forest: the Astro Experience!

We are surrounded by mountain ranges and away from urban centers, which makes it possible to observe planets, star cradles, dead stars, clusters and other galaxies – all with the support of astronomy experts!

Are you interested? Check the schedule below



6:30 pm – Lecture: The Universe that surrounds us;
7:30 pm – Dinner (not included);
8:30 pm – Observation of stars in the open;
10:00 pm – Closing.

* In case of bad weather, the observation will be made through technological resources inside the auditorium.


3h30 Very easy Suitable for all ages 30 people

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• It is requered to have a valid driver’s license to travel through the Reserve. Otherwise, entry will be barred;

• Refuel your vehicle before accessing the Legado road. The nearest gas station is about 1 hour away from the base of operations;

• There is no signal from mobile phone operators in the Reservation area, but internet is available at the Legado base;

• Take personal hygiene products and medicines with you, there are no pharmacies or shops close to the Legado;

• Repellent and sunscreen are essential, even on cloudy days;

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• Wear light and comfortable clothes that can get wet;

• We recommend bringing a change of clothes and extra shoes;

• Activities may have their itinerary changed or canceled due to climatic conditions that compromise the safety of visitors;

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• Animals are not allowed to enter.

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